In the dark about employment law issues? 

Many of my clients don’t know what they don’t know about employment law issues in their company.  

For example, did you know the Department of Labor can hit you with hefty penalties and interest simply for not keeping track of your hourly employees’ time, even if you pay them properly? 

Here are five good reasons to sign up for our Employment Law Assessment: 

  1. Learn what policies and procedures you need to put in place to prevent expensive, disruptive employee lawsuits.  
  1. Understand how to stop your employees from poaching your clients and other employees when they leave.  
  1. Learn how to preserve your company’s reputation and protect its intellectual property, particularly when everyone is constantly posting on social media.  
  1. Understand the difference between an independent contractor and an employee, and why it’s so important you get this right. Hint:  It may save you $100 million!  
  1. Get educated on how to be compliant with all the ever-changing employment laws, including wage and hour requirements, accommodations for disabilities, and how to investigate a discrimination or harassment claim.  

The legal system is complex and constantly changing.

If you have questions or need help resolving an employment law dispute, complete our Employment Law Assessment form. 

You’ll sleep better at night.  

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