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We protect you from disgruntled employees so everyone can get back to business.

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Employee Handbooks & Agreements

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Employment Discrimination Claims

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Department of Labor Audits

How We Help You

Hiring and Firing Employees

We will advise you on the best legal practices for hiring and firing employees in New York and New Jersey to ensure compliance with current labor laws and thus minimize risk to your company.

Employee Relations

When disputes arise with your employees – as they inevitably do in any workplace – we counsel you on how best to address them legally and strategically, to foster a productive work environment.

Employment Agreements

We will draft, review, and negotiate your employment and severance agreements, as well as related dispute resolution, confidentiality, non-solicitation and noncompetition agreements, all tailored to the needs of your business.

Employee Handbooks

Workplace policies and employee handbooks are crucial for any business. We will assist you in developing clear handbooks tailored to reflect the latest legal requirements and best practices, as well as your company’s needs and culture.

Workplace Investigations

We will conduct thorough and impartial workplace investigations to address employee complaints of harassment, discrimination, or other workplace misconduct, ensuring your company is protected should a lawsuit ensue.

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DOL Audits

We will guide you through Department of Labor audits, ensuring compliance with the latest wage and hour laws in New York and New Jersey and addressing any areas of concern through negotiation to limit your financial exposure.


We will negotiate favorable terms on your company’s behalf in disputes with your employees and with agencies like the Department of Labor, ensuring your interests are protected.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

We will save you time and money by resolving employment-related disputes through mediation and arbitration. This way, your business will efficiently, effectively, and confidentially settle disputes outside the courtroom.


We will represent and safeguard your business in a variety of employment-related claims ranging from discrimination and harassment to wage and hour to non-solicitation and noncompetition.

If you need comprehensive help for these types of issues, consider our Peace of Mind Package.

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Get Peace of Mind Today

Our Employers Peace of Mind Package gives you ongoing support to protect you year round.

Get Peace of Mind Today

Our Employers Peace of Mind Package
gives you ongoing support to protect you
year round.

About Rubin Employment Law

Our Mission

We protect employers from disgruntled employees so everyone can get back to business. Our goal is to help your business thrive by reducing the likelihood that your greatest asset – your employees – will become your greatest liability.

We advise you on the best employment practices to incorporate into your business, so you are compliant with the ever-changing employment laws and keeping disputes with your employees at a minimum. This will enhance your company’s productivity and profitability.

When disputes do arise – as inevitably they will – you’ll be better prepared to defend them with Rubin Employment Law by your side, thus minimizing your damages.

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Meet Our Team

Alix Rubin

Alix Rubin

Founder & Employment Attorney

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Keiry Rodriguez


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Julie D’Arienzo

Legal Assistant

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Cheyenne Innes

Marketing Assistant

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Remote work is here to stay

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