Employers Peace of Mind Package

As company owners and employers, you know that employment issues never stop! You hire, fire, train, field requests for leave and/or accommodations, guard company information, and more. Other thorny issues — like costly and disruptive lawsuits, poached employees and clients, and compliance issues — keep popping up while you’re trying to run the business. Even worse, they keep you up at night worrying.

What can you do?

Take a sleeping pill…no, just kidding! We have something even better — a one-stop source for advice and assistance dealing with all these employee issues. Introducing the…

Employers Peace of Mind Package

Designed for business owners like you to keep Rubin Employment Law on speed dial to address your company’s employment issues as soon as they arise. This will save you time and money and protect your company’s reputation. For one monthly fee, we …


Document and Implement Best Practices

We partner with you to develop and implement employment policies and strategies – such as employee handbooks, complaint and disciplinary procedures, and discharge protocol – that create a positive, compliant, and productive work environment.

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Address Your HR Concerns

Rubin Employment Law is here to ease the human resource worries that disrupt your sleep and rob you of your precious time. Our team works with you and your employees to ensure your company follows all employment laws and resolves workplace issues quickly and effectively.

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Clarify Employee Obligations & Benefits

We work closely with you to provide clear and concise guidance to your employees on their obligations and benefits. Trust us to effectively communicate these important details, ensuring that your employees understand their rights and their responsibilities to your company.

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Protect You From Lawsuits

Inevitably, one of your employees will sue your company, or at least threaten to sue you. Rubin Employment Law will help you avoid employee lawsuits, or at least minimize your damages. This will save you time and money, and enhance your company’s reputation.

For one monthly fee, our package includes:

  • Preferred rates on added services
  • Planning meetings
  • Monthly check-in calls
  • Your questions answered as needed

We customize our packages to meet your business’s unique needs. The first step to signing up is to schedule an Employment Law Assessment, which is included in your first month’s fee. Click here to schedule one and start protecting your company now.

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