How do our Strategy Sessions work?

We are often asked how our Strategy Sessions work. 

Here are four things that will happen before and during your Strategy Session with us: 


1. We will examine your experiences in detail.

In preparation for your Strategy Session, our intake specialist will ask a few questions about what you’ve experienced and go over a few housekeeping items to be sure you understand every step of the process and that we have all the information we need to proceed with your session. 

2. You will receive one hour of dedicated attorney time 

During our Strategy Session, you will get one hour of uninterrupted time scheduled with one of our attorneys, with a proposed agenda to make the best use of everyone’s time. We charge a Strategy Session fee, as one of our attorneys is dedicating this time to focus solely on your matter.  

3. We outline each step of the process to keep you informed 

The Strategy Session will give you and the attorney context to understand the big picture, what’s going on, and how it affects you.  

4. You move on with effective legal advice 

You’ll get to know our attorney, who will give you effective legal guidance and advice for moving forward.  


If you don’t take your employment matters seriously from the start, it may cost you more in the long run.

Start protecting yourself and schedule a Strategy Session today. 

We take the possibility of helping you seriously because we believe in eradicating discrimination in the workplace and getting employers and employees to stop fighting so everyone can get back to business. 


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